Glenn Beck, Sen. Mike Lee, the FreedomWorks gang, Tea Party Patriots and others visited the National Mall Saturday to help fix up D.C.

Earlier this week, Twitchy told you about South Carolina resident Chris Cox who mowed the Lincoln Memorial lawn in defiance of the Spite House’s Shutdown Theater.

Ahead of today’s #FixUpDC day of service, Beck said:

“I would invite you to bring your kids. Again, no signs. This is not a political rally. This is a workday. And we’re in jeans and, you know, work clothes and grab your garbage bags and let’s go. And we’ll just help this guy keep the Mall clean,” Glenn said. “While others want to tear things down and others want to paint us as people that are angry mobs, bring your kids and just have a day of service. And let’s take care of the National Mall. Let’s make sure that it’s not an eyesore.”

Patriots answered his call and showed that the government can’t shut the people down.

Having a great time serving with so many families in DC today. #FixUpDC SJ

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More pics from before the cleanup effort kicked off.

Beck’s speech will be available here: