Actress Olivia Wilde’s latest Obamacare propaganda vid promises “you can sign up for health care online in 10 minutes!” Sure, the website defines “success” as a blank white page, but shut your trap because “10 minutes.”

Maybe Olivia can pull out all the stops to pimp the Hawaii Obamacare website next. It’s giving the federal exchange some stiff competition in the Flop Department.

No wrong door to receive assistance from Hawaii’s Obamacare marketplace? Mostly false:

Online shopping in an online marketplace is so passé. Paper apps are where it’s at.


Yeah, no kidding!

As with the federal marketplace, you might have better luck picking up your Obamaphone.

Reach for the stars, Hawaii!

You have to launch it to find out what’s in it. Despite the planned Oct. 1 debut, the Hawaiian exchange is aiming for full functionality “as soon as” Oct. 15.

Whenevs. No reason to rush just because people are being unceremoniously dumped off their health insurance plans.

If you like your cancellation notice, you can keep your cancellation notice. Meanwhile, just keep hitting “reload.”