The latest installment in the Legend of Chad:

After Bill Henderson accidentally outed his lying son Chad as a fake Obamacare purchaser, he took to Twitter with some truly pathetic spin.

Lying Chad’s lying dad:!/BillHenderson55/status/386203760642752513

Chad “never said we purchased a plan”? What precisely did he mean by “me and my dad enrolled in it and got quality, affordable health care insurance for the first time”?

Chad’s Twitter account is now locked down, and dear ol’ dad’s account is nowhere to be found.


Before going dark on Twitter, Papa Henderson retweeted someone who lashed out at the Right for “training their (figurative) guns” on poor, innocent Chad (an OFA volunteer who gleefully lied his way into becoming the Obamacare poster boy).


Oops! Guess “right wing Twitter” didn’t tell Bill that Twitchy is forevah!