That incredible traffic the California Obamacare exchange website received on day one? Yeah, not so much.

5 million … 645,000 … easy mistake to make. A spokesman for Covered California explained, “Someone misspoke and thought it was indeed 5 million hits. That was incorrect.”

Someone also “misspoke” on the marketplace’s Twitter feed.

Those tweets have not been deleted and Covered California has not tweeted a correction.

Check out the absurdly inflated number gleefully promoted by Senior White House communications adviser Tara McGuinness and her two exclamation points:

Press secretary Jay Carney also tried selling that number when he retweeted McGuinness .

A screenshot to remember Carney’s retweet by:


Wow! Obamacare really is popular in California! Or not:

As it turns out, traffic peaked at 16,000 hits per minute (if the revised numbers are to be believed). Fascinating that McGuinness, a former Center for American Progress exec, didn’t retweet that information.

While we wait for her to issue a correction (and we’re not holding our breath), let’s hear from CBS’ Jan Crawford about what led to “glitches” when the marketplaces rolled out:

“High demand”?