Serious You Guys. “Some people” signed up for health insurance according to that retweet by the Washington state Obamacare exchange. And look how psyched that dude is!

Sorry, we didn’t mean to be rude. “That dude” has a name. It’s Ian.

Of course, Ian — if that is indeed his name — is just one person, not “some people.” And we’re not clear on whether “in-person enrollment services” included purchasing an Obamacare-compliant plan. But hey, who’s counting? It’s not like the Obama administration feels obligated to share actual signup numbers.

Will “some” more Washingtonians enroll? It’s not looking promising:

@WAplanfinder I got this when I hit refresh. 🙁

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“Some people” are getting replies from WA Healthplanfinder, the official Twitter feed for the site run by the Washington Health Benefit Exchange: