You have to chat it (or troll it) to find out what’s in it. And live chats with the Health Insurance Marketplace are going pretty much as expected.

We’re laughing so we don’t cry.

Up first: Where do all the sad pandas and lab mice go to get coverage under the Adorable Care Act?

A zoomed-in view:


Next, a live chat with a refreshingly honest Obamacare rep:

Read the complete transcript of that chat, including discussion of Andrew Breitbart and leg-humping.

Moving along to Gisela’s explanation of what you “must” do:

Full transcript here.

Nuance and nuisance:

Obamacare live chat, “Saved by the Bell” edition:

And finally, what was that Obama said about health care being a “right”? Someone should let the Obamacare live-chat reps know.

Now time for everyone else to play:

Do it!

(Hat tip: @redsteeze)