Uh oh. What has Greg Gutfeld done now? He must have said something truly deplorable for Meghan McCain to freak out over his “long time vitriol.”

Breaking: Public figure’s TV show criticized. Shocking details at 11.

Or in Meggie-Land: History’s Greatest Monster strikes again! That’s right: Gutfeld thinks her mock-worthy new show “Raising McCain” sounds so bad, it just might be good. How dare he not peel Meggie’s thin-skinned grapes?! (Not a euphemism, FYI.)

Let’s hope this doesn’t escalate. Demon spawn that he is, Gutfeld might spew his vitriol in a strongly worded letter!

But no need for Meggie Mac to tilt against her own “vitriolic” windmills. She’s got Michael Ian Black for that. Since the actor/comedian wasn’t using the murder of a baby to make an NRA joke yesterday, he had time to address Gutfeld‘s vitriol. Ladies and gentlemen, behold the one-man Attaaaaack Waaaaatch squad:

Poor misunderstood Meggie. Won’t somebody defend her constitutional right to freedom from criticism?

Which makes it all the more hilarious.

Oh, heavens no! Not B-bart! Anything but B-bart!

And … of course:

Cheer up, beleaguered little buckaroo. He loves ya back.


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