Charles Krauthammer doesn’t tweet much, but luckily we have actor Kevin Sorbo to pass along his take on a Hillary Clinton candidacy.

Full Krauthammer quote via Sorbo’s Facebook page:

Can somebody name one achievement she has had in four years? Just one. I’m not asking for three….just give me one thing.

Um … she made it onto Twitchy a bunch of times. Does that count? No?

More from Krauthammer’s appearance on “Special Report” on June 18, 2013:

Can somebody named one achievement she had in the four years? Just one, I’m not asking for three. I’m not asking for Henry Kissinger or George Schultz, James Baker, you know, a great treaty. No, just give me one thing. So, I’m not sure I understand any of this. But if she runs, I think as a conservative, I’d welcome that. I think she is eminently defeatable.

From Krauthammer’s lips …


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