With the wait for iOS 7 finally over, thousands of Apple fans rushed to download the updated operating system. But not everyone is on board.

Thanks to a social media rumor that iOS 7 notifies your pals every time you take a screenshot of their deepest, darkest secrets, there was much panicking over the end of an era. You know, the Era of iPhone-Enabled Blackmailing, Backstabbing and Screenshotting Sexts.

Lives ruined!





But does iOS 7 really send an alert when you screenshot a text?

Twitchy Labs verdict: Are you guys for real?

All that time spent on workarounds was for nothing.

The rumor appears to stem from news that iOS 7 would make it easier to screenshot Snapchat messages without alerting the sender.

So, no more need to panic. Your creepster screenshots of texts are safe. Rejoice!