Some Google Apps users were surprised — nay, horrified — to find the familiar, easy-to-find Gmail envelope favicon replaced this week.

It’s not just you. Behold the horror:

The “new” favicon is the same one used for Google Admin and while most people think it’s a wrench/gear combo, some see a peacock. Or maybe a turkey, a ribbon or the always-dreaded light bulb with blue hair.

Whatever it is, a Google Product Forum thread indicates it’s limited to Google Apps accounts (possibly ones with administrative privileges). Oh, and no one seems to like the “eyesore.”

If the wrench-turkey-peacock browser icon is throwing you off, here’s a possible workaround:

If Google weighs in, Twitchy will update with additional information.

Update, 9/17/2013:

Will the blue-haired light bulb be banished some time soon?

This message attributed to a Google Enterprise Support employee was posted on the Google Product Forums today.

Thank you for contacting Google Apps Support. I understand you want to know more about the favicon you noticed on your Gmail.

This is actually supposed to be the favicon for the Google Apps Admin Console. It is definitely nothing to worry about. We are working on deactivating it for the moment and expect to have the favicon back to the mail symbols with the colored M by the end of the week.

Please be aware this is just a cosmetic icon and in no way has there been any security issues in the appearance of this favicon over the last few days.