Meggie Mac launches her new show, “Raising McCain,” on something called Pivot this week. The reviews are coming in, and John McCain’s thin-skinned daughter doesn’t appreciate Salon’s suggestion that a so-called pundit should bone up on history — even if it, like, totes happened before she was born.

It’s impossible to top the most entertainingly brutal review of Meggie Mac’s work ever written, so we’re not sure why Salon bothered with the boring rehash of criticism. (Oh, never mind, it’s Salon.) But the article did inspire this tweet from the spokeswoman for Generation Gestation, so there’s that.

Yes. Because calling her “self-absorbed, entitled and unimaginative” is almost like handing her a noose.

Will Meghan get her lawyers to have the Salon piece taken down? After all, that’s kind of her thing when she finds criticism “highly offensive.”


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