Jeffrey Alan Wagner is reportedly a Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party candidate in the race to replace the Minneapolis mayor. And he has an ad … an ad in which he promises to “not even go to the strip clubs anymore.”

If that isn’t hawt, we don’t know what is. This can’t be real, can it?

He’s also “cool with making $100,000 a year,” just so you know. Also, “Wake the f*ck up!”

Greatest campaign ad ever made?

Scariest ad ever?

Either way, people are talking.

How’s this for an endorsement?

According to HyperVocal, @modernrocktc is his Twitter feed. Here’s the bio, complete with “Your Moms bedroom” as his location.


If that Twitter account is legit, then this is his Facebook page. According to the relationship status, he’s single ladies.

Exit snark about the party ID of this “foul-mouthed sexist and borderline racist.”

Editor’s note: The title has been amended to include a quote from Wagner. This post has been updated with additional tweets.