After Maj. Eduardo Caraveo was murdered by Nidal Hasan in 2009, his wife, Angela Rivera, says she kept his Sprint phone service active. She wanted their young son to grow up hearing his dad’s voice on the voice mail greeting.

In heartbreaking testimony during the sentencing phase of the Fort Hood trial, Rivera said the recording was lost when Sprint rolled out an upgrade.

Killeen Daily Herald reporter Philip Jankowski reached out to Sprint on Twitter yesterday to find out if there’s any way to restore the message.

Sprint has not issued a public response.

Twitchy readers, activate! A Fort Hood widow and her little boy need the company’s help.

Sprint’s official customer service Twitter account is @SprintCare. You know what to do.


Thanks to your tweets and retweets, the @SprintCare account reached out to Twitchy.

Let’s hope we can make this happen.