Michelle Malkin called it: Oberlin College’s “racial incidents” that prompted class cancellations, pants-wetting and soul-searching were a lefty hoax. In March, Malkin’s fellow Oberlin alum Lena Dunham was distraught over the presence of “KKK paraphernalia” on campus. The AP breathlessly shared the news of Dunham’s brave and righteous stance.

Flashback: The “KKK paraphernalia” consisted of … a blanket.

As Twitchy noted yesterday, the usually chatty “Girls” actress had nothing to say after the Oberlin race-hate hoax was repeatedly brought to her attention. No apologies, no corrections, no penis jokes about her dad.

Well, Dunham resumed tweeting last night, and guess which one she picked.

True story! Unlike her alma mater’s manufactured hate narrative.

We’ve had just about enough of Dunham feeling “emboldened.”


Where’s the National Conversation™ now?

Anyway, Lena, we’re still waiting.

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