The Muslim Brotherhood is waging a violent jihad in Egypt, attacking, looting and burning dozens of Christian churches, schools and businesses to the ground. Islamists reportedly paraded nuns through the streets like “prisoners of war” after a Franciscan school was attacked. The death toll continues to rise.

Meanwhile, Egyptian Christians are praying for their “extremist brothers.”

In a segment that aired on Wednesday, Glenn Beck implored viewers to stand with the the Christians of Egypt against Muslim Brotherhood persecution. Watch the whole thing.

On Twitter, Beck used the hashtags #IamCoptic and #IStandWithTheCoptics in a call for people of all faiths to unite and stop the Muslim Brotherhood’s campaign of violence. He also shredded President Obama, Sen. John McCain, George Soros, Bill Kristol and the “progressive elite.”

Progs like this:

Beck also took the time to respond to critics.

As Beck tweeted, others joined him in expressing solidarity and support for Christians in Egypt.

More on the persecution of Egyptian Christians tonight on “For the Record”:


Beck has launched a Twibbon campaign in support of Egyptian Christians.

He writes, “The media and the White House aren’t covering the horrific violence being committed against Christians in Egypt. Spread awareness and support the Coptics with #IamCoptic.”


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