“Waiting to Exhale” or waiting to post bail?


Left-wing author and civility crusader Terry McMillan once threatened to “trip” Mitt Romney if he walked past her. The new tone continues: Now she says she’d “smack” Sarah Palin if their paths crossed.

Remember, McMillan claims the GOP is waging a War on Women.

And if you disrespect women, Terry won’t like you anymore.

As these older tweets show, her civility campaign isn’t directed exclusively at women.

But she’s definitely given up any moral authority on violence against women.

And pet fish:

But thank goodness she’s not one of those horrid Rethuglicans.

Any guesses who the victim is here? Ding, ding, ding!

Self-awareness is so very hard.

Exit flashback:


Keep that flashback in mind when you read Terry’s latest tweets.