Just when you thought reprehensible Fox News lib Bob Beckel couldn’t possibly sink any lower, he announced that all you silly bitter clingers should get over 9/11 and “move on” already. Dismissing rape, serial misogyny and anti-Semitic dog whistles just weren’t enough for Bob.

Jonathan Hoenig immediately slammed the “despicable” comment and he wasn’t the only one.


Tell that to victims’ families, you slimy jerk.

Beckel also said that liberalism is his built-in free pass for playing the race card.

Is there anyone left who’s not ready to “move on” from Bob Beckel?


Twitchy commenter CO2 Producer reminds us that in 2010, Beckel said, “Look, at some point, I know it’s sensitive here in New York and probably New Jersey, but we have to get over 9/11.” See the 7:17 mark in this video clip:

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with video of Beckel’s comments.


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