Is it any wonder that remakes and reboots are such a big thing in Tinseltown?

As Twitchy reported on Monday, creativity was in short supply among low-information Hollywood critics of Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker. Lance Bass, Eric Balfour, Dulé Hill, Rosario Dawson and Olivia Wilde posted near-identical tweets knocking Walker for “arresting people for singing.”

Never mind that the “Solidarity Sing-a-Long” crowd in the Statehouse rotunda refuses to submit an application for a free permit that Capitol Police would approve. And never mind that most of the “arrests” appear to have resulted in — gasp! — tickets.

But the Hollyweird parrots weren’t done yet. Behold the hack-tors and their #Unconstitutional, #RightToAssemble and #UnitedWisconsin hashtags.

Hold on. Is “Buffy” alum Seth Green calling b.s. on the false anti-Walker talking point?

Probably not. But if Green isn’t marching in lockstep with these B-, C- and D-listers, he’d better watch his back. Free thought will not be tolerated.