Once again, Twitter was prescient (when it comes to the part about dancing around “slutbag”).

Perhaps the Times could go with “trollopy tote”? “Strumpet’s satchel”?

And find out we did. Here’s how the New York Times handled its write-up on Barbara Morgan, the Weiner aide who vomited a stream of dehumanizing slurs like “slutbag” in an interview about former intern Olivia Nuzzi.

New York Times-ese for “slutbag”:

Ms. Morgan said that Ms. Nuzzi was a fame-seeking underachiever who “sucked” at her job. Ms. Morgan threatened to sue Ms. Nuzzi for claiming that Ms. Morgan had a thin résumé.

Ms. Morgan also referred to Ms. Nuzzi with several vulgar and sexist terms.

No sl–tbag, no c-nt, no tw-t, no b-tch. “Slut,” however, was acceptable when reporting on Rush Limbaugh and Sandra Fluke. Tell us, New York Times, is it the “bag” that makes the difference? Or the fact that Limbaugh wasn’t involved?

Luckily we have Twitter to give it to us straight.

But surely there’s some way for the Times to report on “slutbags.” Coming soon?

The New York Times is on it!


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