Florida attorney and CNN legal analyst Mark NeJame awoke to the vicious, dangerous and false rumor that his wife was anonymous juror B37 on the Zimmerman jury. Colossally inept Twitter detectives spent the early hours of the morning spreading the “news” and passing around a photo of Josie NeJame.





Yeah, no. There’s no wild conspiracy. Mrs. NeJame is the mother of two young daughters and president of Runway to Hope, a charity that raises money to defeat pediatric cancer. She was 24 years old when she married Mr. NeJame ten years ago.

Juror B37 is reportedly a 50-something woman who works for a chiropractor. She has two adult children.

Mr. NeJame is keeping a sense of humor about the rumor as he attempts to set the record straight.

But the Twitter lynch mob has already threatened jurors and is wishing for the rape and murder of Juror B37. What do these thugs plan to do with the juror’s supposed identity? Nothing good:

She’d “never wish ill on someone’s children”; She just wants you to know exactly what they look like. No reason.

Best wishes for the safety of the NeJame family and the women who actually served on the Zimmerman jury.


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