Is it any wonder that members of the Zimmerman jury hope to remain anonymous?

Immediately after the verdict, the Twitter lynch mob began threatening jurors. On Monday night, thugs focused their crusade for “justice” on Juror B37 after she appeared on “Anderson Cooper 360” with her identity concealed. One self-identified “rapper” and “comedian” issued a direct death threat.

A reminder of the Twitter rules:

Violence and Threats: You may not publish or post direct, specific threats of violence against others.

More calls for love, tolerance and justice … via rape and murder:

Many of the death wishes — laced with misogynist slurs, natch — included hopes that Juror B37 would kill herself.

Apparently, vigilante justice for Trayvon Martin also involves the rape and death of people in Juror B37’s family.

Not funny. Not cute. Not harmless “venting.”

With utter disrespect for the rule of law running rampant and violence picking up at “Justice for Trayvon” demonstrations, how long until death wishes become calls to action?


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