Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum is on a mission to rank political pervs, sleazebags and philanderers trying  to resuscitate their careers. Up for discussion are three pols who refused to keep it in their pants, but had no problem humiliating their wives: Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford and former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner.

Spitzer, of course, is now a New York City comptroller hopeful, but didn’t show much self-comptrol when he showed off his calf-length black socks to hookers.

Sanford “hiked the Appalachian Trail,” then held onto his governorship after a tearful press conference in which he admitted his extramarital affair.

And mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner? He sexted his junk to a bevy of women, then blamed the “point of al-Qaeda’s sword,” reportedly resigning only after the scandal’s pedo angle came to light.

So, how do they “rank in terms of bad behavior”? Twitter weighs in:

Some say they’re equally revolting.

What say you, Twitchy readers?