That would be a good question! And one that might elicit more tears from NYC comptroller hopeful Eliot Spitzer, aka Client 9.

Earlier today, NBC’s Chuck Todd correctly noted Spitzer’s victimhood charade and lamented that the media “are only enabling him.” Now if only someone would commit an act of journalism and hold Spitzer accountable for the prostitution scandal that forced him to resign as New York governor. Hmm. Does Todd know anyone whose job it is to ask tough questions of politicians?

Todd’s reply to that one: So much real journalism to pursue, so little time.

Plus, even if he wants to know the answer, why feed the narcissism?


Then again, Todd would totally be on it if only he could land an interview.

(Unless he’s referring to Vitter.)

If Todd finds any time in his busy schedule, here’s another question he might want to ask: