HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill was “hoping for something awesome” when he ordered Kanye West’s new album. After his first listen, he was disappointed that there was only “some genius” evident in the album he later called “disturbing” in its “misogynistic content.”

How ’bout after playing it a second time?

Ya think?

As an afterthought, Hill delved into Kanye’s misogyny.

Final grade for an album that makes him “literally FEEL a visceral hate for women”?

Really. He gets a passing grade for thisrank misogyny with a heaping side of racism?

Yet the glaring deficiency is West’s raps on Yeezus is not his skillset as much as it is his utter lack of empathy for women as human beings. So, yeah, the guy with the trophy girlfriend who just gave birth to his daughter manages to throw a few lines that could be read as unintentional jabs at Kim Kardashian. On “On Sight,” he raps “I know she like chocolate men/ She got more niggas off than Cochran” which seems a little too close to home on too many levels.

“I’m In It” manages to spin race and sexism for maximum offensiveness not once, but twice: “Eating Asian pussy/ All I need was sweet and sour sauce” and “Black girl sippin’ white wine/ Put my fist in her like a Civil Rights sign.” On “Hold My Liquor,” he mixes wealth and power with sex and misogyny proclaiming “One more fuck and I can own ya,” after dismissing that he “smashed your Corolla” while parking his Range Rover–which is like, whoa dude. No one man should have all that anger.

That’s B- work? Marc Lamont Hill gets an A for asshattery.

* * *


We didn’t have access to the grading rubric, only to Professor Hill’s own words, which we republished unaltered and in order. He clarifies, though, that “Yeezus” earns full marks for sonics, but the lyrics drag it down a grade.