Breaking news out of Geismar, Louisiana:

More from WAFB:

According to Louisiana State Police, it is the Williams Olefins plant on LA 3115.

There have been reports of injuries. Emergency crews are on the scene.


Reuters reports that an unknown number of injured people are being treated, according to the fire department. Hospitals have reportedly been told to expect patients.

Reports are coming in of seven injuries:

More images:

First responders outside the entrance of the plant. #watch9news #explosion #geismar

The latest news:

There is reportedly the possibility of a secondary explosion:


Charlie Kaye of CBS News reports that seven people are dead. Twitchy will update if and when additional confirmation of fatalities is available.

This tweet from a news organization disputes Kaye’s report. Let’s hope this one is right.

Update: Good news for now:

However, six burn victims are reportedly hospitalized.

CNBC reports 25 people injured.

Additional confirmation that no fatalities have been reported:

Photos continue to come in:


At least 30 victims are hospitalized.

Gov. Bobby Jindal sends his prayers.

Info for family members of possible victims:

A clearer photo of workers fleeing the plant:

Fortunately, it appears the plant is in an industrial area and for now, residential neighborhoods are safe.


The latest reports indicate one fatality and seven to eight injuries have been confirmed.

The fire is reportedly out and crews are continuing a controlled burn of hazardous materials.


Update II:

Twitchy will monitor this developing story and update as details become available.

Editor’s note: Injury and fatality reports have been unreliable. We will report the latest, but will not update the title of this post until we have reliable confirmation.