Heh. That’s one way to make “Morning Joe” palatable.


Actor John Stamos appeared on MSNBC Wednesday morning to promote the season premiere of USA’s “Necessary Roughness.” Oh, and to show Mika a thing or two about good hair.

Mika Brzezinski turned up her nose at the hair that helped make Stamos a star.

So what did Stamos do? He shared some product with her … by taking it from his head and wiping it on hers. He’s a giver!

Here’s the exchange, including a classic “Full House” clip:

With or without the hands-on demonstration of “set it and forget it,” viewers were thrilled to see Uncle Jesse on “Morning Joe.”

Ok, John #Stamos; don't age since 1993. #MorningJoe #MSNBC

Stamos also hit “Today” … and asked Matt Lauer when he lost his virginity.


“Was it in a cornfield? Poison oak patch?” he joked. Thankfully …

TMI, indeed.

The web series “Losing Your Virginity With John Stamos” is scheduled to premiere later this year.

“It’s not dirty, and it’s not detail-oriented,” he assured. “It’s sort of about how you felt at that time — the emotional part.”