Time to audit our aching sides again? Self-awareness is so very hard.

Earlier this week, Rep. Darrell Issa blasted the “maliciously self-indulgent” IRS for being effectively “guilty of tax evasion.” The agency spent lavishly on conferences while officials like Faris Fink recorded their “Star Trek” cosplay session.


And as far as keeping “good records” goes? Well, when the Treasury Department audited the costly IRS conferences, the agency couldn’t provide receipts to document the expenses.

But thanks for the advice, IRS! We especially appreciate the section of your “Recordkeeping” page that warns, “You must be able to prove (substantiate) certain elements of expenses.” You know what they say about “those who can’t do.”

Perhaps this is what the IRS meant to tweet:


Audit our aching sides! IRS tweets lack self-awareness; Citizens zing