Oh, that’s rich.

Reminder: During her tenure as Obama campaign co-chair in 2012, actress Eva Longoria retweeted a vulgar tweet calling conservative women and minorities “stupid.” When she was called out, she bravely deleted the retweet and claimed that bashing conservative women and minorities was an attempt to “create dialogue.” Then she blamed Twitter gremlins and faux apologized with the ol’ “sorry if people were offended” routine. If people were offended.

As one Twitter user noted, she had “binders full of excuses.”

Fast forward to Friday night: Longoria is now the proud recipient of the Dorothy I. Height Racial Justice Award. Really.

She received the award at the YWCA’s Women of Distinction Award Gala in Washington, D.C.

In a statement announcing the award (PDF), YWCA CEO Dara Richardson-Heron gushed over “Eva Longoria’s efforts to reach out and inspire women in diverse communities to get involved in the political process.” Because what could be more inspirational than demeaning conservative women and minorities and refusing to engage them honestly?

But hey, she totally gave a shout-out to the farm workers and servers at the gala:

And she plugged immigration reform (For the Women™, natch):

So never mind her venom for the wrong kind of women and minorities. She’s a racial justice superstar!