On Thursday night, contemptible gutter-dweller Lawrence O’Donnell took to Twitter to “remind Giuliani how many firefighters were killed on 9/11 because of him.” The tweet, O’Donnell explained, was in retaliation for Rudy Giuliani’s “attack” on President Boyfriend.

The gutter had room for one more: left-wing activist and purported actress Rosie Perez.

O’Donnell was “speaking the truth” in his disgusting segment on “the decisions Rudy Giuliani made that killed firefighters on 9/11“? How much booze does it take to come to that conclusion?

Perez deleted a tweet that included a link to an anti-Giuliani site adored by truthers.

It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta expose progressive sleaze. Here’s your screen shot:

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 11.15.52 PM

Thrilled to have Perez’s support for his soulless mission, O’Donnell gave that one a retweet.


The depravity … it burns.



What say you, “Self-Aware PRISM”?


Sauced or just plain despicable? You decide.


Awww. Does Rosie not like the response to her tweets?

She offers “sincere apologies,” accompanied by a video about how Giuliani killed 9/11 firefighters.