Radio host Dana Loesch and comedian Steven Crowder know exactly how to draw the nastiness from the world’s tolerance bullies: wake up in the morning and breathe. On Wednesday, vicious lefties greeted Loesch with gems like, “Drop dead, you C*NT,” and Crowder continues to receive death threats after the release of his latest video.

Is the world ready for “The Steven and Dana Show”? Or is that “The Dana and Steven Show”? There’s time to work out the details, but Crowder’s followers hope it won’t take too long. A show together? The “yes” votes are pouring in.

We love this suggestion for a network and time:


If you thought your “yes” votes could convince Crowder to turn this from an off-the-cuff tweet into a reality, think again. Clearly you guys have no sway.

Steven Crowder: Crusher of dreams.