Yes, gestation.

On Tuesday night, logic-challenged Meghan McCain, like, totally tweeted, “Any republican that voted for Mark Sanford in South Carolina but is against gay marriage is an unbelievable hypocrite.” When conservatives pushed back, she … well … bless her precious heart:

Meggie’s night in a nutshell:

The tweet is gone, but not forgotten. Say it with us now: Twitchy is forever!

Meggie, of course, was for Sanford before she was again’ ‘im.

And dear ol’ dad not only cheated on wife number one, but Sen. John McCain opposes gay marriage and his PAC reportedly sent $2,500 to Sanford for Congress.

But, y’know, gestation!

Flashback that never gets old:

Don’t disappoint us, Internet!

But the fun’s not over yet. Who’s up for #McCainHaiku? Funny ’cause it’s true:


Does Meggie speak for you? And if she does, what can you do? Here’s a handy flowchart:


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