Pearls clutched firmly in hand, two ThinkProgress dudes braved the annual NRA convention to report on the horrors of firearms and gun accessories marketed to womenfolk. Heaven forfend!


Perhaps if NRA vendors were selling floppy vagina costumes that allowed for easy access to oh-so-effective rape whistles, their delicate sensibilities wouldn’t be quite so offended?

Bingo. Progressivism thrives on a culture of victimhood.

Isn’t that what lefty femme-a-gogues like to call “mansplaining“?

We thought that was a no-no! Apparently it’s OK when Better Than You™ dudes explain what’s best for conservative women.

Meanwhile, conservative women are more than ready to exercise their lady smarts. Thanks for the shopping guide, TP!

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.

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