The media malpractice concerning the murder trial of Kermit Gosnell continues.

How many Americans know about the horrifying infanticide accusations against Gosnell? How many have read the soul-crushing testimony from former employees who say they saw babies move, breathe and scream before he snipped their spines to ensure “fetal demise” after failed late-term abortions? How many have heard of Karnamaya Mongar, a woman who died after visiting Gosnell’s abortion house of horrors?

Thanks to the media blackout, how many even know Gosnell’s name?

Comedian and conservative activist Steven Crowder asked people on the street what they thought of the Gosnell trial. The results are infuriating, but sadly, not surprising.

Evidently they don’t follow the work of Philly-area columnist J.D. Mullane, who has provided indispensable coverage of the Kermit Gosnell trial.

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