Can we just assume that any tweet that includes the phrase “U funny!” is a troll-tweet?

It’s either that or “Juno” actress Ellen Page honestly believes there are people who “r super mad about a 15 yr old girl being able to prevent pregnancy.” She also claims some unidentified “you” wants “everyone to have guns no questions asked.” You, who?


Then Page retweeted this gem:

So, “you” is those icky freedom-stompin’ conservatives? The ones who “r super mad” about teen pregnancy prevention and want criminals and law-abiding citizens alike to have guns? Those mythical conservatives?

U funny!

Here’s the thing, Ellen: Teen girls thinking of taking the morning-after pill need more support and guidance than they can get from the cashier at CVS. They’re girls, not women.

And speaking of women, guns save lives and it’s gun-ban zealots waging the real War on Women. Women should be empowered with the choice to defend themselves using more than rape whistles and their own vomit.

So since we’re playing this game, Ellen, why do u h8 women?

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