According to soulless asshat William Saletan of Slate, exposing an abortion clinic worker who counseled a woman to “flush” a baby born alive after a late-term abortion isn’t nearly as abhorrent as snitching on that worker. Media Matters and Amanda Marcotte agree: Lila Rose is the real monster for secretly taping clinic employees and exposing their barbaric love affair with the culture of death.

Never mind that one clinic worker said any baby born alive after abortion would be dropped in a deadly, toxic solution to ensure “termination.” It’s all about choice.

“Hercules” and “Andromeda” actor Kevin Sorbo isn’t having any of that. In a Facebook post, he linked to Live Action’s undercover investigation of late-term abortion clinics and lashed out at the “pro choice” crowd’s depraved indifference to infanticide in the guise of women’s health care.

But for all you pro choice folks, this is just fine with you, isn’t it?! Pathetic. It is murder. But, you call it what you want so you can sleep at night.