Spanish police have arrested two men with suspected links to an Qaida affiliate, according to an Interior Ministry statement.

More from CNN on suspects Nou Mediouni of Algeria and Hassan El Jaaouani of Morocco:

The statement said the two suspects have a “profile” that is similar to the two suspects in the Boston Marathon attacks.

However, that similarity is based only on how the two suspects in Spain were “radicalized,” by going to online forums and chat rooms, and also in the suspects’ alleged interest in pulling from the Internet information on bomb-making, said an Interior Ministry spokesman, who by custom is not identified.

. . .

The pair, who are from different countries, are not brothers and, unlike the two suspects in the Boston Marathon attacks, have no roots in the Caucasus region, he said.

The Madrid Marathon is scheduled for Sunday, but CNN reports Spanish police said there was “no indication of an imminent attack.”

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