As Twitchy reported on Sunday, attention-troll Amanda Palmer wrote an atrocious poem filled with empathy for Boston Marathon bombing supsect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. That’s right, not for little Martin Richard, Lu Lingzi, Krystle Campbell or Sean Collier. And not for the scores of people burned and maimed by the attacks. She wrote “A Poem for Dzhokhar.”

On Tuesday, the singer published a condescending and morally bankrupt blog post explaining the poem she says took “about 9 minutes to write.”

See, you mouth-breathers don’t get her “art.”

Sure, she writes, the Boston Marathon bombings were “terrible, unspeakable, horrific.” But you know who the real monsters are? People who won’t publicly express empathy for poor Dzhokhar.

so….people are afraid to say, in public, that they feel empathy?

this scared me so much.

Palmer went on to share her fondest wish: that all you agenda-driven animals “find a way to feel empathy towards everyone” like she does. Because she’s better than all you cretins, natch.


yes, everyone.

the moment you choose to be empathetic only towards your family, only towards your friends, only towards your immediate neighbors, only the people who look like you, or think like you…
that is the moment you fail to see that we are all connected, that we are all capable of feeling pain and all – every one of us – capable of empathy.

for anyone.


Palmer could have expressed her empathy for “everyone” by writing a poem about the people whose lives were forever changed on April 15. But no. It’s all about her and her feelings.

Greg Gutfeld is anxiously awaiting her sestina for Stalin and haiku for Hitler. But for now, perhaps Amanda should stick to developing her vast merkin collection for the remake of her “Map of Tasmania” video.


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