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No word on whether this is related to the manhunt for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who is reportedly from a Russian region near Chechnya. The manhunt continues.


Via Al Roker’s Facebook:

From @wgrz: A police source tells 2 On Your Side that New York State Police have pulled over a vehicle in Niagara Falls allegedly with two Russian nationals in the vehicle.

The car was pulled over at 19th and Elmwood in the Falls.
Bomb techs and a robot are being used to investigate four suspicious backpacks in the vehicle.
Another source tells us the vehicle has Massachusetts license plates

WGRZ continues to report:

610 CKTB News is reporting this was a “false alarm,” but according to other media reports, authorities are still on the scene.



Niagara Falls police say they erred on the side of caution, but found nothing of concern.

Twitchy will monitor this situation and update as new details emerge.