More exploitative political theater from President Prop-aganda.

Instead of delivering his usual weekly address, Obama turned over the mic to Francine Wheeler, mother of a 6-year-old boy who was murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

As Rush Limbaugh said on Friday, “I think it’s shameless — shameful — this regime, the way they use victims, poor people, as props and pawns.”

The official White House transcript is titled “Weekly Address: Sandy Hook Victim’s Mother Calls for Commonsense Gun Responsibility Reforms.”

Note the prog language update: It’s no longer “gun control” or “commonsense gun laws”; It’s now “gun responsibility reforms.”

Wheeler also called on the nation to “do something.”

As always, that “something” is for legislators to pass a gun-grabbing bill.

When I packed for Washington on Monday, it looked like the Senate might not act at all. Then, after the President spoke in Hartford, and a dozen of us met with Senators to share our stories, more than two-thirds of the Senate voted to move forward.

But that’s only the start. They haven’t yet passed any bills that will help keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. And a lot of people are fighting to make sure they never do.

Now is the time to act. Please join us. You can talk to your Senator, too. Or visit to find out how you can join the President and get involved.