On Monday, gleeful mobs turned out to celebrate Margaret Thatcher’s death with street parties that included champagne and joyous banners. Grave-dancing revelers in the Brixton section of London draped a “bitch is dead” banner from the Ritzy Cinema and rearranged the letters in the film listings to spell “Margaret Thatchers dead LOL.”

But the vandals had a tough time with the letters. Spelling is hard.

As the photos of the defaced theater listing spread on social media, @RitzyCinema used Twitter to set the record straight. The person running the account wrote, “This is not our doing people!”  The Ritzy reports “lots of broken letters and damage” were left behind by the unhinged vandals.

The Ritzy wasn’t the only location to sustain damage during the death party. Twitter users report broken windows, looting and graffiti.


In Bristol, a police officer is hospitalized and others are injured after they tried to break up a celebration by Thatcher haters.

Margaret Thatcher once said, “I can’t bear Britain in decline, I just can’t.” The same can’t be said for the cretinous gutter-dwellers who celebrated her death.



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