“Wiseguy” actor Ken Wahl has attracted a conservative Twitter following for his tweets supporting wounded warriorsblasting Obamacare, slamming Hollyweird politics and skewering limousine libs.

The Daily Mail reports that Wahl is now considering running for Congress.

If Wahl tosses his hat in the ring, he would run as an independent.

‘If I were to do it, one of the reasons would be to go against this antiquated two-party system.’

‘Now, I don’t think that I would win,’ he conceded. ‘Maybe I’d wake up a few people. But I think it would be worse for me personally, and for the country, if I ran on a Republican ticket.’

But don’t whip out your checkbook for Wahl for Congress or WiseguyPAC. The potential candidate would rather you donate to charity instead.

Naturally, he has the support of wife Shane Barbi.

Support also poured in from followers who say, “Run, Ken, run!”




Wahl continued slamming the Obama administration today and took a couple of swipes at Hillary 2016.