If you have a reservation at Red Medicine in Los Angeles, you might want to consider showing up. Over the weekend, the top restaurant took to Twitter to out no-shows.

Red Medicine managing partner Noah Ellis shared his frustration with Eater:

The assholes who decide to no-show, or cancel 20 minutes before their reservation (because one of their friends made a reservation somewhere else) ruin restaurants (as a whole) for the people who make a reservation and do their best to honor it. Either restaurants are forced to overbook and make the guests (that actually showed up) wait, or they do what we do, turn away guests for some prime-time slots because they’re booked, and then have empty tables.

One of the no-shows told Grub Street, “I got a call from my mom saying my uncle had passed away and it was the last thing on my mind to call and cancel our reservation.”

So, was it the right thing to publicly call people out for rudeness or was this an unprofessional social media blunder? The tweets drew both cheers and jeers on Twitter.

Did Red Medicine open itself up to a prime trolling opportunity?