Potential U.S. Senate candidate and rape metaphor enthusiast Ashley Judd has compared coal mining to rape and expanded the definition of rape to include owning an iPhone. But surely there are still some rape analogies she hasn’t added to her repertoire, right?

Looks like she did. “I have been raped twice,” she reportedly said at a private dinner last month, “so I think I can handle Mitch McConnell.” So now campaigning against a GOP senator is like rape?

That lovely little tidbit was buried in Howard Fineman’s fawning HuffPo profile of the “fearless” Ashley Judd, but The Daily Caller drew attention to it in an article today.

Gosh, wasn’t it HuffPo that smeared Steven Crowder for supposedly making a rape joke about Judd? But when Judd tosses around the word rape, she gets a virtual lapdance from Fineman. In his March 9 article, Fineman praised Judd’s progressiveness and squeed over how she was “born to campaign.”

Born to campaign … on behalf of Mitch McConnell? If so, she’s doing a bang-up job.


Pro tip for McConnell:


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