YAWN. Self-righteous scold Jim Carrey totally doesn’t care what you think of his anti-gun crooning, Charlton Heston-bashing and tired barbs about gun owners’ genital size. Except that he does, you haters.

Full tweet:

I’m appalled at wht I’ve seen on ths stream the last few days, all in hatred’s defense. . ;^ No wonder it’s so dangerous to be a child today. ;^

So, now Carrey’s pro-Second Amendment critics are endangering children? By what? Asking him to #AnswerTheQuestionJim? Calling out his inanity? Then Greg Gutfeld truly is history’s greatest monster!

And if appalling tweets are a surefire sign that kids are in danger, well, then someone please call CPS … on Jim “heartless motherf*ckers” Carrey. For the children!





Carrey said the lives of assault rifle owners aren’t really “worth protecting,” but his freedom-loving critics are the hateful ones? He exploited the deaths of 20 children to make a quick buck or two on iTunes and those who called him out are appalling?

Let’s see how that works out at the box office, Jim. And just to show we’re not filled with hatred, let’s close this out like it’s a warm, loving Jim Carrey tweet.



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