Heartbreaking. This week, Glenn Beck shared with his audience that Victor, his 13-year-old German shepherd, is suffering and the family will have him put to sleep today.

If you’re a long‑time listener of this program, you know that we have been on the verge of losing our dog. Quite honestly it has been a battle where I have felt like the bad guy because my family has not been able to let go and I have been watching my dog… suffer. And I have stood quietly trying to ask, ‘Please, family, let’s let him go.’ My son and I are going to dig his grave on Friday, and Saturday at noon at our home, we’re going to put him to sleep. Sunday we decided to do it, and my son, who is 8, took it exceptionally hard on Sunday. I think the reality truly set in, and we as a family cried all Sunday afternoon and all Sunday night. And we were all down on the floor.

Beck also described Victor as his family’s “best friend” and “guardian.”

Last night and early this morning, Beck tweeted about Victor’s final hours.

On Tuesday, Beck tweeted this photo:

Prayers have poured in for Beck and his family.



Beck tweeted a photo of Victor covered by a quilt sent to him by a listener.

Thank you to Phyllis Mielonen a special listener.  We save all of the quilts that people have sent us. We went up and chose this special for today. Victor's last day with us.

RIP Victor.