If Colorado Gov. Hickenbloomberg thought Magpul Industries was bluffing about its intent to leave the state, he stands to be sorely disappointed.

Now that Hickenlooper has signed three Democratic anti-gun bills into law, the gun accessory manufacturer is reaffirming that it is “actively working” on plans to “transition to a new home” outside of “occupied territory.”

Magpul also reached out to Colorado customers to let them know the company is working on meeting the demand for banned magazines before the law takes effect on July 1.

More from Facebook:

With the signing of the HB 1224, we want to reassure Colorado residents, now officially in occupied territory, that the “Boulder Airlift” will continue until we can no longer legally ship to CO residents at the approach of the July 1 deadline, so long as demand continues.

We are looking at additional ways to give Coloradans the opportunity to buy the magazines they need prior to the enactment date, as although we’ve been swamped with tens of thousands of orders, our shipping department limitations have only allowed us to get a few hundred thousand magazines out to CO residents…a small portion of our monthly production. We’ll continue to support the Airlift as long as demand exists, and up to the active date of the legislation, and we’ve allocated a little over a million magazines for the effort up to that point, give or take.

Magpul has more on the “Boulder Airlift” program on its website.

With Magpul on its way out of Colorado, watch for the job-killing ripple effect.

Heckuva job, Hickenbloomberg.