In his Twitter bio, English comedy writer, television host and critic Charlie Brooker describes himself as an “underwhelmist.” He hit his mark when he asked his 708,000 Twitter followers, “Why can’t the NRA just be honest and admit they’re being bankrolled by America’s booming coffin industry?

Did we mention he’s English?

Hey, it hasn’t stopped Musket Morgan from dancing on the graves of dead American children to fuel his war on the NRA.

Brooker’s answer to that?

By the way, this guy, genius that he is, was named comedy personality of the year at the 2012 British Comedy Awards. Second Amendment defenders aren’t laughing. At least not with Brooker.

It’s, like, meta. Or something.

And how ’bout this, Charlie?

Hat tips: Elissa Roberson and J.R. Salzman