During an interview that aired Tuesday on “Good Morning America,” George Stephanopoulos asked Obama about the White House tours canceled as part of Obama’s Sequesterpocalygeddon political maneuvering (not that Stephanopoulos framed it that way).

President “Wasn’t Me” replied, “You know, I have to say this was not a decision that went up to the White House.”

Yeah, and the sequester was a Republican idea.

Of course that was his answer, now that high profile media personalities are stepping in to offer to foot the bill.

But don’t worry! While it’s not his responsibility, President Knight in Shining Armor stands ready to make it all better.

He told Stephanopoulos, “Well, what I’m asking them is are there ways, for example, for us to accommodate school groups– you know, who may have traveled here with some bake sales. Can we make sure that– kids, potentially, can– can still come to tour?”


Obama tells Stephanopoulos nation’s debt is no biggie; Stephanopoulos fails to ask about Benghazi