Conservafraud, birther and eminent domain abuser Donald Trump will take the stage at CPAC this week. For those keeping track, that’s supposedly the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Trump was hailed by ACU chairman Al Cardenas as “an American patriot and success story with a massive following among small government conservatives.” And now he’s praising the likely Senate candidacy of Democrat Ashley Judd. Not that Trump knows much about what it takes to be a “great candidate.”

Trump followed up his drooling by offering some advice: If the GOP wants to defeat “great candidate” Ashley Judd, someone had better gag Karl Rove.

You know, because she’s such a great candidate we can’t let Rove prop her up even more.

Heckuva job, CPAC!

Any comment from the CPAC organizers?

But maybe Trump is onto something here. Broken clocks and all that.

That’s right. Judd has already Akin-ed herself. And she hasn’t even officially tossed her Tennessee hat in the Kentucky Senate ring.

Popcorn ready!


Well look what we have here. Trump deleted his tweet proclaiming Judd a “great candidate.” You’d think he would know by now that Twitchy is forever.

Trump also doubled down on the Rove-bashing to distract from his deleted tweet.