After attending Obama’s Wednesday night GOP schmooze-fest with the rest of “yesterday’s mashed potatoes,” Sen. Lindsey Graham sneeringly called Sen. Rand Paul’s epic filibusterridiculous.” The South Carolina senator’s latest absurdity landed him a spot on many conservatives’ laminated you-know-what list.

Grassroots conservatives have finally had enough of Graham and his pal John McCain. Calls to #PrimaryGraham are ramping up and at least two South Carolina bloggers — GayPatriot’s Bruce Carroll and RedState’s Ben Howe — expressed interest in becoming a pesky thorn in Graham’s way-too-comfortable side.

On Friday, editor Katie Pavlich tweeted that she’s “semi-seriously considering” a future run against Sen. McCain in Arizona. With South Carolina conservatives buzzing about unseating Graham, looks like it’s time for the #GayPatriotForSenate trial balloon:

So, what can we expect from Senator GayPatriot ?

Whether #GayPatriotForSenate will evolve into something more than a hashtag remains to be seen. But tongue-in-cheek or not, conservatives on Twitter love the idea and the endorsements are rolling in.

Uniting Gamecock and Tiger fans? Now that would be impressive.

We’ll leave you with this teaser: